Overview of BAHSL
How did the Aboriginal Medical Service's begin? PDF Print E-mail

The first AMS was founded in Redfern in 1971 - not from Government handouts, but from donations from non-Aboriginal supporters of  Aboriginal rights.  Judges, Ministers, Teacher and Church people formed the core of this support.  Their actions came from their  observation of the less than acceptable level of health services available to Aboriginal peoples.

The second AMS opened its doors in 1972, and now there are more than 100 nation wide. Locally, the Aboriginal community of Walgett started lobbying for an AMS in the late 70's.

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More recently WAMS have been involved in developing our service for Accreditation. Accreditation means that a health service, such as hospitals, community health centres and even AMSs, have met standards of clinical practices, administrative management, working with other agencies and conducts programs according to client and community needs. The past three years saw Directors and staff work together to meet these standards. A formal review was conducted and we have been informed that WAMS are recommended for Accreditation.

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BAHSL has active links with many of the local agencies in the Brewarrina Shire and are often called upon to address meetings, present reports on their activities and participate in their conferences. For example, BAHSL are members of the Community Working Party and attend the monthly meetings. BAHSL also work closely with the schools in the delivery of nutritional and health programs .

Aboriginal Community Control PDF Print E-mail

Means the empowering of a community through the adoption of appropriate organisational structures which enables all Aboriginal people in the local Community the opportunity to be represented as members and to be involved in the decision making process and, therefore, the right to participate and contribute to the goals, structure and operation of its health services.
In general, health data currently under-represents the health experience of Aboriginal communities and, unfortunately, health status may be worse than the figures indicate.

Cultural Heritage Revival and Protection PDF Print E-mail

A major BAHSL strategy is to develop a local base of cultural identity and knowledge, and in the process, foster a culture of learning and achievement that can assist in many life situations. From the building and maintenance of our cultural identity and the reclaiming of our cultural heritage will come the skills, strength and self-esteem to achieve, and learn further.

Walgett AMS PDF Print E-mail

The Aboriginal community of Walgett lobbied for an AMS in the late 70’s. Some of the issues they argued for an AMS was that women were giving birth on hospital verandahs, people being turned away because they were Aboriginal, and generally feeling uncomfortable about being treated in a very non-Aboriginal middle-class establishment when they themselves were only recognised as citizens of this nation in 1967.

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